Make the Click, Bridge the Gap

Make the Click, Bridge the Gap!

The teen years are full of challenges, especially when it comes to communicating and expressing oneself. Teens are going through many physical, emotional, and social changes, and they need our support and guidance. However, it is not always easy to talk with teens, as they may seem distant, moody, or defensive. How can we communicate better with our teens and help them grow into confident and responsible adults?

We can also help them develop their communication and self-expression skills, which are essential for their success and well-being in life.

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Each student receives a copy of course text book and workbook, free included in the fees.


Ayman Nassar, M.Sc, PMP, ACP

Founder of Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA), and Youth Crisis Line, with over 30+ years of experience in youth and leadership development, business transformation and project portfolio management. He has coached and counseled thousands of youth and young adults. Over the past 20 years he has coached, taught and counseled hundreds of youth and young professionals and has been a certified mentor and coach with Big Brother Big Sister, Lutheran Social Services, Dar Al-Taqwa, Prince George’s Community College Asian, Latino, African, Native American (ALANA), New Beginnings Youth Center, Howard County Detention Center and ILIA. Ayman is a member of the Howard County Reentry Council and the Howard County Ethnic Diversity Round Table. He holds two Master degrees in electrical engineering, engineering management and systems engineering and hold certifications in half a dozen leadership areas. He has been trained in cultural competence, youth development, reentry, psychology, curriculum development and has devised over 100+ courses and programs for youth and adults. He was faculty at University of California, Prince George’s Community College, Strayer University and Howard Community College. 

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